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Battle Racers to Hold Open Tournament After Parts Trading Relaunch

by Monica Padillo

Battle Racers will hold an open tournament for all its non-fungible token holders once it relaunches its parts trading feature in April.

According to the announcement, the tournament will follow a two-player best-of-3 format, as well as allow players to schedule their own duels once the brackets are announced.

The team behind the car racing blockchain game will relaunch its parts trading UI/UX next month as part of its migration to the Matic Network sidechain, which was announced in November 2019.

As stated in their update, Battle Racers’ 3D/client team have lately been synchronizing the performance of the game’s Early Access build on play.battleracers.io with its arena on Decentraland to provide a smooth gameplay within the Decentraland experience.

Photo: Battle Racers

The car racing game’s design team has also begun preparing for the introduction of the upgrade system, which is expected to enable players to acquire upgrade-essential materials through competitive races.

After relaunching the parts trading UI/UX, Battle Racers developers will work on crate trading requirements that will be later applied to OpenSea, as well as finalize its Garage and Loadout UI.

Photo: Battle Racers

Battle Racers is a virtual car racing arcade game developed by Altitude Games for the Decentraland platform. It allows players to model and race digital cars on arcade-sized tracks.

Feature photo from Battle Racers