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MegaCryptoPolis Goes Live on TRON

by Monica Padillo

MegaCryptoPolis has officially expanded to the TRON network as part of its multi-chain expansion plan.

BlockchainGamerBiz.com disclosed in a report that the expansion reveals a new map that consists of 979 land plots and 3 resources spots that are up for auction.

The city building blockchain game will unveil two more districts soon.

MegaCryptoPolis now also has an interoperability feature that will enable players to transfer assets such as citizens, materials, resources, and cars from the game’s original Ethereum version to TRON.

The DApp game is set on launching an Airport feature in the next few weeks to permit the transfer of digital assets.

DappRadar data also showed that in the first 24 hours since its launch, MegaCryptoPolis’s TRON version has seen 272 transactions and gained a volume of $18,340.

MegaCryptoPolis rolled out its multi-chain expansion plan to allow wider adoption, speed up operations, charge less fees, and diversify gameplay.

Feature photo from MegaCryptoPolis