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The Sandbox, Atari Partner to Expand Blockchain Gaming Audience, Initiatives

by Monica Padillo

The Sandbox has partnered with popular video game company Atari to mutually expand their audiences and build on their blockchain gaming initiatives.

According to the announcement, the Sandbox agreed to recreate some of Atari’s games—such as Pong, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Centipede, Super Breakout, and Asteroids, into 3D voxel art.

The Sandbox also allowed Atari to claim multiple ESTATEs and LAND parcels during the blockchain-based gaming platform’s third round of LAND pre-sale, which will take place on March 31.

Atari can use the ESTATEs and LANDs to run the voxel versions of their iconic games.

Additionally, the Sandbox plans to develop an Atari theme park-like universe where players can virtually meet up and talk to each other, play games, and explore more creations, attractions, games, and buildings on several LANDs on the platform.

Photo: The Sandbox

The Sandbox’s upcoming pre-sale will feature 2,538 individual LAND parcels, 750 3×3 ESTATEs, 50 6×6 ESTATEs, five 12×12 ESTATEs, and one 24×24 ESTATEs.

The Sandbox will also distribute 10 percent of the reserved LAND parcels as giveaways to its community.

In conjunction with the third pre-sale round, the Sandbox will roll out some new features in its marketplace such as LAND coordinates, the ability to edit Estate information, a referral system, a new ME profile, and a Google 3D viewer.

Photo: Pixabay

Atari is re-entering the crypto scene by launching an initial coin offering for a planned cryptocurrency casino, which is planned for launch on Sept. 30, 2020.

The video game company is also looking forward to issuing two tokens, one of which, the Atari Token, can be used in video games but mainly in online casinos that are playable with cryptocurrencies.

The other token called Pong Token is based on one of Atari’s popular arcade games, Pong. The planned digital currency will be part of the company’s operator license in Kenya for local applications.

Atari originally planned to develop a blockchain-based digital entertainment platform and launch the Atari Token in 2018 in partnership with Infinity Networks, but later terminated the agreement in the belief that the initiative was not progressing as expected.

The supposed digital entertainment platform was meant to give users access to video games, films, and music.

Feature photo from the Sandbox