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F1 Delta Time Players Race in Newly Launched Time Trial Mode

by Monica Padillo

Players of F1 Delta Time can now compete to see who can race the fastest in the blockchain game’s newly launched Time Trial mode.

F1 Delta Time kicked off the Time Trial mode with the Australian Circuit and named two winners, Tier A/MrNFT & Tier B/Lucky, after almost 14 hours.

The winners will share a portion of the weekly prize pool, with the Tier A champion receiving an additional 2 ETH and the Tier B champion taking home an extra Epic rarity 2019 Car and Driver from SpScore Racing Point.

According to the car racing DApp game, 70 percent of the base prize pool is dedicated to the top three players, while 20 percent is turned over to the following week’s prize pool.

The winners of the Time Trial mode will initially receive rewards in ETH and later in REV, which is the F1 Delta Time’s primary cryptocurrency.

F1 Delta Time’s Time Trial mode allows players to race on new circuits every day with the goal of becoming a winner with the fastest lap.

Players will have more of an advantage if they arrange the right strategy and setup of their cars and drivers to suit the demands of the circuits.

F1 Delta Game explained:

Some tracks will require a car that maximises Grip, others may be best suited to drivers that have high Aggression, or a mixture of stat types.. You will also need to prepare for conditions that mother nature may have in store for you. As an example, if it happens to be a rainy day, you may want to stock up for some wet tyres.

F1 Delta Time will launch the Monaco circuit following the Australian circuit.

Feature photo from F1 Delta Time