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Knight Story Launches Support for TRON

by Monica Padillo

Role playing blockchain game Knight Story has initiated TRON network support as part of its multi-chain support initiative.

According to the announcement, the new integration allows players of the DApp game to choose knight characters between ETH knights and TRX knights. 

Biscuit Labs, the South Korean blockchain game developer behind Knight Story, noted that it is considering setting up player vs. players modes and clan battles between ETH and TRX knights.

Users can now also link their TRX wallet to their TRX characters, as well as explore the TRX shop.

When asked about why the game now supports TRON, Biscuit Labs said that its team believes in the power of openness and flexibility.

The company noted: 

There are many networks and all of them are evolving now. We are seeing the very fast-moving technology trend in the blockchain. Each blockchain has pros and cons so that we are the team that believes in the power of openness and flexibility. There will be a series of expansion. It is not a perfect analogy but we don’t want to imagine Coinbase, Binance that only gives you one blockchain option.

Biscuit Labs also assured that the newly launched multi-chain support will not affect existing players who have linked their ETH wallet to the game.

Feature photo from Biscuit Labs