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The Sandbox Garners 3,400 ETH in Third LAND Pre-Sale

by Monica Padillo

Blockchain-based gaming platform the Sandbox has garnered 3,400 ETH in its recently concluded third round of LAND pre-sale.

According to the announcement, the Sandbox sold all of its 12,384 LAND parcels in just five hours, 60 percent of which were already acquired by users in just 30 minutes since the launch of the pre-sale.

LAND and ESTATE owners will now have access to the Alpha version of the Sandbox’s Game Maker feature, which will be launched within the second quarter of 2020.

The DApp gaming platform noted that the third pre-sale offered more lands but still sold out quicker compared to its past pre-sales.

The Sandbox said:

This confirms the strong interest from gamers, creators, and artists for the decentralized gaming platform that will empower creators through the use of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens. 

The third round of LAND pre-sale included 19 of the Sandbox’s new partners such as Atari.

Photo: The Sandbox

Under their agreement, the Sandbox will recreate Atari’s popular games such as Pong, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and Centipede into 3D voxel art.

The Sandbox also plans to develop an Atari theme park-like universe where players can virtually meet up and talk to each other, play games, and explore more creations, attractions, games, and buildings on several LANDs on the platform.

The platform will launch its fourth and last round of LAND pre-sale soon, as well as its public sale and official launch later in 2020.

Feature photo from the Sandbox