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BASIS ID Tapping into Japanese Market, CEO Says

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BASIS ID, a Singapore-based digital identity verification (Know Your Customer (KYC)  & Anti-Money-Laundering(AML)) and identity management platform, is expanding into East Asian markets such as Japan further to grow its core KYC business providing the value to crypto companies who want to be compliant with regulations and accelerate quickly not spending too much time on negotiations with different third-party providers, the company’s CEO Akim Arhipov said.
Established in 2016 by Estonian cybersecurity professionals in charge of e-Government services in Estonia, BASIS ID is known for providing identity management platform, including KYC and AML, data processing and storage under right jurisdictions, and bank-as-a-service platform, via BASIS ID product ecosystem, Arhipov noted.          
Regulatory requirements for cryptocurrency-related business and companies are positively strict in Japan, Arhipov said, adding that the Japanese regulation in this space would bring the safety as well as the welfare to all society. BASIS ID is in ready to collaborate with Japan’s Financial Service Agency(FSA) and its domestic crypto Exchanges to increase transparency in KYC and AML, he added.      
BASIS ID already has customers in Asian markets such as Singapore, and also having users in Europe, partly given that the company has a R&D base in tech savvy Estonia. The company is aiming at expanding into Arabic countries and India around 2020, according to its roadmap plans.
Meanwhile, Crypto companies (ICO projects) raised about USD 100m in total by using BASIS ID services.
BASIS ID would launch the mobile application, a crypto marketplace using personal digital wallet. Users are able to control their personal data transition, amend, and delete personal information via its mobile-based marketplace, Arhipov explained.
Users can register and be verified only once, and they are able to register in ICOs using their mobile-based BASIS ID marketplace in one click. BASIS ID has become an intermediary between customers and crypto companies being an advocate. Companies become transparent and gain trust by returning privacy and personal data control to consumers, Arhipov added.    
by Genta Nakanishi [:ja]

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 顧客確認(KYC)のソフトウエア開発などを手掛けるBASIS IDは、仮想通貨およびICOマーケットにおける中核のKYC事業の展開を目的に日本マーケットの参入を計画している。同社でCEOを務めるAkim Arhipov氏が取材に応じた。
BASIS IDは、シンガポールに本拠を置きエストニアのサイバーセキュリティの専門家によって2016年に設立。BASIS IDのシステムは、規制に遵守しつつ迅速なプロセスに加えてKYCおよびAML(アンチ・マネーロンダリング)に関連するID管理プラットフォーム、データ保存、仮想通貨と法定通貨の預金口座機能などを備える。
「日本の仮想通貨関連企業に対する法規制は、妥当な『厳しさ』を伴っている。結果として、マーケットに健全性をもたらす。(BASIS IDは)仮想通貨のKYCおよびAMLにおける透明性を高めるために、日本の金融庁や仮想通貨取引所と連携を図りたい」(Arhipov氏)。
BASIS IDは、本拠地を置くシンガポールおよび東南アジア市場でユーザーを持つと同時に、R&D拠点をエストニアに保有しているため欧州にも顧客を持っている。2020年にインドおよびアラブ諸国における展開も計画。
一方、BASIS IDシステムを活用してICOプロジェクトがこれまで調達した総額は、「おおよそ1億米ドル」(Arhipov氏)
今後、BASIS IDは個人情報データの修正および削除を含むデジタルウォレットの機能を持つモバイル版・仮想通貨マーケットプレイスのローンチを控えている。ワンクリックで、個人確認の承認およびICO参加などを可能とする。BASIS IDは、「仮想通貨関連企業の透明性や信用力強化の一助となると同時に、これら企業と一般ユーザーの仲介者になることを目指す」(Arhipov氏)という。
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