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LIFEX Reports Plans to Launch Health Management Mobile App, Create Potential Partnerships

Wowoo’s LIFEX project plans to launch a health management mobile application that will serve as a use case based on the first version of the LIFEX BC Network.

According to Wowoo’s website, LFX token holders will be assigned to close-test the app soon.

LIFEX is also working on partnerships with medical organizations in Japan, Hong Kong, and other Asian countries, the U.S., and other media groups for the adoption of LIFEX BC Network.

Lastly, the medical project will develop an artificial intelligence network for data analysis, as well as a token reward function that will credit tokens to users for their contribution on the network.

LIFEX BC Network is designed to record the health data of users and provide them with a list of recommended healthcare services when they need treatment.

Users who will provide data will be rewarded through blockchain technology with incentives according to their degree of contribution. 

The incentives will be taken from the profit made from pharmaceuticals that will conduct research using the data.

Monica Monica

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