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ROGER VER: Coming Software Upgrade Brings More BCH Investors

[:en]Roger Ver, World’s First Bitcoin(BTC) Investor and Bitcoin Jesus, was recently interviewed on BitcoinCash(BCH)’s coming update and Asian cryptomarket trend by TokenNews.

  • Evaluation on the Last Year’s BTC Hardfork
  • Expectation of BCH Hardfork
  • Crypto Market Trends     

-BitcoinCash, hard-forked from Bitcoin in August 2017

“Better Name (‘Cash’ for the payment ends) with Positive Software Upgrade,” Ver noted.     
It has been almost around 10 months after BicoinCash was made via the hard-fork from Bitcoin primarily to increase the block-size scalability from 1MB to 8MB for the speedy transaction.
BitcoinCash has been ranked as the fourth largest cryptocurrency in terms of the market cap, and traded on a number of major crypto Exchanges, including HitBTC, Binance , and OKEx, according to the recent data by CoinMarketCap.

-Market Impact on BitcoinCash’s planned hard-fork

“Software upgrade -the improvement of its scalability, fast payments, low fee among others – would definitely further increase Bitcoincash investors, “ Ver expected.
BitcoinCash announced its hard-fork in this month(around May 15) to make its block size at 32 MB from 8MB, according to the media reports.   

-Current Trends in Crypto Market, including Japan

The number of blockchain-related “Meetups in Japan has been on increase,” compared with several years ago, Ver said, adding that a lot of “people are also globally paying more attention to ICO.”         
Ver, who has been living in Japan more than 10 years, sees still a lot of Japanese are now keen to cryptocurrency trading, including Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, and Ethereum, especially since the late last year.   
By Genta Nakanishi

 [:ja]世界でもビットコイン(BTC)投資の先駆者として知られるロジャー・ヴィア(Roger Ver)氏が、ハードフォークを近日中に控えるビットコインキャッシュ(BCH)と暗号化通貨関連の最新動向などについて、トークンニュース(TokenNews)の取材に応じた。

  • ビットコイン(BTC)動向ー2017年
  • ビットコイン・キャッシュ(BCH)ハードフォークへ期待すること
  • 暗号化通貨業界の最新動向など


CoinMarketCap によると、現在、ビットコインキャシュの時価総額は全体で4番目の規模で、バイナンス(Binance)やHitBTCを含む主要な暗号化通貨取引所で取引されている。

– ビットコイン・キャッシュ ハードフォークによる市場影響について


– 日本を含む暗号化通貨マーケットの最新動向

[中西 玄太]