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TRON to Update Odyssey Mainnet to Enable Convenient DApp Development

TRON has announced that it will enhance its Odyssey mainnet to provide a more convenient platform for decentralized application developers.

The blockchain platform reported via Medium that Odyssey will be upgraded to version 3.6, which will include several new features such as new instructions for the Tron Virtual Machine, options for contract deployers to clear their contract’s existed Application Binary Interface, and a more lightweight built-in event server.

Odyssey will also be modified to enhance protocol data check, add transaction permission settings for users for multisignatures, and optimize the peer-to-peer network and the block or transaction broadcasting process for gRPC/HTTP interface.

TRON is one of the blockchain platforms that hosts various entertainment DApps.

It reported in its latest weekly update that it has a total of 477 DApps running on its system, which is an increase from 463 blockchain applications recorded in the previous week.

TRON also saw 5.36 million transactions over the past week.

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